Sadleirs can offer the perfect bulk bags solution for your packaging, customising and printing to your specific requirements.

What can we offer?
Container Optimisation Supply Chain Optimisation
Efficiency driven products Packaging reduction.
Lower costs.
We can supply all bags including:
Baffled Bags Single and 2 Loop Bags
4 Loop Bags Antistatic Bags
Single and Multi Us UNDG Approved Bags
Lined and Laminated Bags Waterproof and Water Resistant Bags
Our complete range of fully customisable bulk bags provide features such as:
Baffled option for stability & utilising storage High moisture & Oxygen barrier liners
Pharmaceutical Grade EVOH
Antistatic Dust tight design
Environmental efficient Customisable

2 loop bulk bag

All of our bags meet the Australian Standard requirements, with test reports given with every order.

For more information contact your local representative