Sadleirs are pleased to be able to say that over recent months we have successfully implemented a number of pro-active measures to minimise the risk of COVID-19 entering all Sadleirs sites. To date, all sites have remained fully operational and this is a reflection of the caution and commitment shown.

The actions we have taken have been closely aligned and guided by the recommendations provided by the government and health authorities.

Recently the state governments have released “road maps” which will see restrictions further relaxed across the various states.

From Monday 18th May, in WA, we are planning to start getting those that have been working from home back into their normal workplace. This will be in a staged approach and be different across the different states. Hopefully, we will have all employees back in the workplace by the 2nd June, however this will be dependent on the guidance of the relevant state governments.

Whilst we have implemented stringent controls at Sadleirs over the past few months, further controls will be put in place to enable the business units to minimise the risk of an outbreak at one of our sites.

We are extremely fortunate that the impact of COVID-19 at Sadleirs has been significantly less than what might have otherwise been the case.

I would like to take this time to thank you for support during these challenging times.