This programme has been developed by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection in consultation with industry to enhance Australia’s competitiveness and better align Australia with international standards. Many other countries have similar programs. It will recognise secure and compliant industry supply chain practices.

What does it mean for Sadleirs Global Logistics and you?

As the scheme develops, you, will receive a number of benefits from the following privileges we receive:

  • Dedicated contact within the Australian Border Force
    Your Sadleirs Global Logistics team will have a consistent and ongoing access to a dedicated contact in the Australian Border force, to minimise any issues or delays.
  • Priority service
    Your Sadleirs Global Logistics team will receive access to advanced ruling requests on the application of tariffs, valuation and origin to certain goods.
  • Prioritised examination of goods
    Trusted Traders will be recognised as low risk and will be subject to faster border clearance.
  • Mutual recognition arrangements (MRA)
    As a Trusted Trader, our team will have access to trade facilitation benefits in countries with which Australia has signed an MRA.
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  • Better reporting
    More streamlined reporting arrangements will be in place for Trusted Traders, reducing the administration burden and red tape.
  • Duty deferral
    Duty payments on imported goods will be deferred for a set period. This may mean access to imported goods without immediate payment.
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We’re happy to come and discuss the Trusted Trader programme further with you and how it could specifically assist your business.

Please let our team know if you need any further details or clarification on any aspect.