The suspense has been building over the last few months, as the finalists were announced and preparations were made for attending this prestigious and well-recognised industry awards. We were proud nominees as Freight Forwarder of the Year and Custom Broker of the year.

Here’s the breakdown of all the finalists we competed against;

Freight Forwarder of the Year category;

  • AM Logistics
  • BTi Logistics
  • Customs Agency Services
  • EES Shipping
  • Evans International Freight Consolidators
  • Famous Pacific Shipping Victoria
  • Globelink
  • Michael Johnston (Australian Coastal Shipping)
  • Julie Magnone (Depth Logistics)
  • Sadleirs Global Logistics
  • VISA Global Logistics
  • Willship International

Customs Broker of the Year

  • AM Logistics
  • John Chambers (BTi Logistics)
  • Commercial Freight and Logistics
  • Compliant Customs
  • Customs Agency Services
  • EES Shipping
  • Shakeel Muhammad (Hanes Australia)
  • Sharni Knox (Compliant Trade Consultancy)
  • Craig Priest (I.H. Hunter)
  • Sadleirs Global Logistics
  • Summit Global Logistics
  • Susan Danks Tariff Consulting

This was a great achievement for Sadleirs to take home the award of Freight Forwarder of the Year and be a finalist in the Custom Broker of the Year category.

As always, it’s a great chance to see how the industry can work to improve services for the customers we have and be recognised for the work we do, striving to be the best in the industry.

‘Our freight division has really come into its own over the last few years, thanks to the work of our whole team – including our Warehousing and Packaging divisions. We’ve got a really cohesive environment here and live to serve our customers. Whilst we most enjoy the recognition we get each day on the phone or in person, it’s always great to get recognition from our peers. 2018 is going to be a big and exciting year so let’s hope that there’s more to come in the 2018 awards!”

Ian Kent, Chief Executive Officer