We were initially selected and are now fully accredited as a result of our strong security practices and very long history of compliant behaviour.

Australian Trusted Trader is a trade facilitation initiative that recognises businesses with a secure supply chain and compliant trade practices. It provides accredited businesses with a range of trade facilitation benefits.

Australian Trusted Trader is an Authorised Operator (AEO) programme, one of many such programmes operating internationally. AEOs work to secure the international supply chain, while facilitating the movement of legitimate trade.

Please follow this link for a very short Australian Trusted Trader video providing some further background.

What does it mean for Sadleirs Global Logistics and you

As the scheme develops, you will receive a number of benefits from the following privileges we receive:

– Dedicated contact within the Australian Border Force

Your Sadleirs Global Logistics team will have consistent and ongoing access to a dedicated contact in the Australian Border Force, to minimise any issues or delays.

– Priority service

Your Sadleirs Global Logistics team will receive access to advanced ruling requests on the application of tariffs, valuation and origin to certain goods.

– Prioritised examination of goods

Trusted Traders will be recognised as low risk and will be subject to faster border clearance.

– Mutual recognition arrangements (MRA)

As a Trusted Trader, our team will have access to trade facilitation benefits in countries with which Australia has signed an MRA.

Expected future benefits

The Department is currently exploring a range of new trade facilitation benefits applicable to Trusted Traders, including:

  • More streamlined reporting arrangements will be in place for Trusted Traders, reducing the administration burden and red tape.
  • Deferral of duty payments on imported goodsfor a set period
  • Enhanced cross-agency collaboration with other border agencies
  • Labour mobility and trade in services
  • Secure trade lanes.

We would of course be happy to discuss the Trusted Trader programme further with you and how it could specifically enhance your business, in the meantime please let our Customs Brokerage Team know if you need any further details or clarification on any aspect.


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