On the back of some very large volumes, please note that many of the DC’s in Perth are either at capacity, or nearing capacity.

This means we are struggling to get booking slots and unfortunately we are only finding out when trying to secure these bookings on a daily basis.

Note that we are doing our very best to deliver freight and keep customers informed of any delays.

Also note that when delivering freight, we are finding that many business have in fact closed and unable to receive goods. This freight is being returned to our Depot.

To reduce the spread of COVID-19, it has been well documented that various governments have closed state borders and imposed travel restrictions. In Western Australia there are further restrictions travelling intrastate.

Please note that Sadleirs is fully exempt from any travel restrictions and will continue to operate throughout Australia and its regions.

We ask our Customers to continue adhering to all regulations, and trust that they will remain safe.

We look forward to assisting wherever possible.

Kind Regards,

David Cox
Chief Operating Officer