We hope you continue to find these daily updates useful as we keep you abreast of the current COVID-19 situation.

You may have noticed a Sadleirs truck and driver feature on the commercial news programs in the last 24 hours. (Visit our LinkedIn page if you missed it) Our Sadleirs Team has been kept busy arranging the logistics and custom clearance for the supply of medical essentials from China, to be distributed and earmarked for our hospitals.

It was a really nice touch with our driver “elbow tapping” Twiggy Forrest as the first batch of supplies were being delivered to one of the local hospitals.

We continue to play our role in ensuring a wide range of essential items are transported to where they are required most.

We remain committed to helping all Australians.

We ask you to reach out to your local Sadleirs representative if you require any assistance.

Kind Regards,

David Cox
Chief Operating Officer