Delays into Western Australia

With the ever changing landscape in Victoria and New South Wales, please note that we are experiencing an extraordinary demand for freight into Western Australia.

Even with the addition of extra resources and trucks, we are seeing significant delays at distribution centres and major receiving points which is affecting our ability to meet booking times.
We ask customers to please be patient.

Sadleirs’ commitment to maintaining transport services to you remains unchanged.

As part of Sadleirs plan to maintain COVID-19 free work places, we have introduced numerous controls which will enable us to minimise the potential of spreading the virus in the event of an outbreak. Controls implemented include:

  • Infrared thermometers are used for testing all entering employees, contractors and visitors.
  • All staff use sanitiser when entering and exiting buildings.
  • We have additional signage and posters to remind staff not to attend work if they have a cough, fever, etc.
  • We have minimised the number of employees in communal areas ensuring that the 4 sq.metre rule is maintained.
  • Disinfectant is available for all work stations
  • Additional nightly cleaning of the offices.
  • All contractors and external personnel sign the COVID-19 declaration at reception areas.
  • Minimise face to face meetings where possible and limit the number of attendees to maintain the
    4 sq.metre rule.
  • Inter-departmental movements are kept to a minimum.
  • We send alerts via MT data to remind drivers to regularly use hand sanitiser and to remind them not to touch eyes, nose or face without washing their hands.
  • Greeting people by shaking hands is prohibited until further notice.
  • We are continuing to extend our work from home program in Victoria for all non-operational staff to mitigate the likely spread of COVID-19 to the workplace.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at any time should you require further information.

If you need any assistance with your transport we are here to help, please contact your local Sadleirs Representative.

Kind Regards,

David Cox
Chief Operating Officer