As you are aware, there have been further announcements by the WA state government as to measures that are being put in place to further combat the spread of Covid-19.

As an essential service, Sadleirs will continue to operate as per normal, and has introduced the following initiatives to ensure the safety of our employees and to mitigate the impact on the business as a consequence of the virus:

  • Everyone that can work from home is working from home
  • Only essential workers are on-site at our Kewdale site
  • Temperature checking and Covid SafeWA QR scanning to gain entry
  • Face masks are mandatory on site – inside and outside
  • All meetings to be conducted by Zoom
  • Limiting visitors to our sites to essential only – we have the SafeWA QR code at the entrance to our Miles Rd facility for essential visitors.
  • Anyone having visited any of the stated hotspots to be tested and isolated.
  • Employees suffering from illness are to work from home or take sick/annual leave.
  • Segregating groups of employees into sections
  • Deliveries to site, where possible drivers to remain in vehicle and we unload without their assistance.

We will do our best to deliver freight and keep customers informed of any delays. We ask those customers expecting deliveries to contact us if they cannot accept a delivery for whatever reason.

We ask our Customers to continue adhering to all regulations, and trust that they will remain safe.

We look forward to assisting wherever possible.

David Cole 
Chief Executive Officer